Switch Socket Metal Part Ag Silver Solid Contact Rivets Relay Point

Ag Silver Solid Contact Rivets
Ag Silver Solid Contact Rivets

Product Material

Ag /Fag

General Description

Silver and fine grain silver(FAg)possess very high electrical and thermal conductivity,low and stable contact resistance,and good workability.For silver resistance to arc erosion and contact welding are limited,mechanica strengthis low,Due To the small quantity of nickel in the fine grain silver,resistance to arc erosion and mechanical strength are higher than that of silver.

Application Scope

Widely used in low current devices,such as relays,timers,auxiliaryt switches for household appliances(FAg),control switches(FAg)


Ag        200X FAg       200X


  Ag Fag
Tips Wires Tips Wires
Ag Content(wt.%) ≥99.95 ≥99.95 99.85(+0.15Ni) 99.85(+0.15Ni)
Density(g/cm³) ≥10.48 ≥10.48 ≥10.40 ≥10.40
Elec,Resistivity(µΩ•cm) ≤2.10 ≤1.80 ≤2.10 ≤1.85
Hardness Hv (MPa) ≥400 ≥600 ≥450 ≥650
Tensile Strength(MPa) - 230-380 - 250-380
Elongation(%) - 2-18 - 2-8
Manufacturing process




Product Types

  Ag Fag
Bimetal Strips


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