Necessary measures for the use of precision stamped parts

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Precision stamped parts, which are made with high-precision dies, complete the blanking process by positioning them in one clamping. The workpiece on the punching machine requires high dimensional accuracy and shape and position tolerance, so the production must be strictly sharpening, heat treatment, surface treatment and assembly and other finishing processes. Since the production batch of these parts is small and mostly single or small batch production, the requirements for equipment are not high.

In stamping, the material enters the cavity through the gap of the die hole or the concave die; the material is separated or plastically deformed under pressure to obtain the desired shape and structure; then the pressure is removed and the forming process is controlled to obtain the desired product. Therefore, stamping process is one of the typical cold working process methods. In the actual production process, in order to ensure product quality and productivity as well as to reduce scrap and save energy, some necessary measures are usually required.

1. Proper use of tools.

2. Rational selection of blanks.

3. Develop reasonable process procedures.

4. Strengthen the skills training of operators.

5. Improve the degree of automation of equipment.

6. Improve labor conditions.


Manufacturing characteristics of stamping parts.

(1) The utilization rate of the material is high.

(2) can use the thin plate material to make complex parts.

(3) can be made into a variety of structures with reinforcement.

(4) Can form thin-walled hollow.

(5) Can be made into a large area of the plate .

(6) Easy to mechanize.

(7) Easy to achieve mechanization and automation.

(8) Easy to achieve specialization.

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