Brass Block Terminal Copper Stamping Part Silver Contact For 45A

Brass Block Terminal
Brass Block Terminal

NAME: Electrical Accessories

Main Material: Brass, Copper, Phosphor Bronze, Becu ETC

Can be customized

Product Material

Cooper, brass, stainless steel, Phosphor Bronze, BeCu, etc.

General Description

There are mainly three kinds of Electrical Contact Component:

1,Riveting Parts : contact is riveted on copper component.
2,Welding Parts : sheet contact is welded  on copper component.
3,Stamping Parts: precious clad metal is stamped into contact  bridge component

The manufacturing and test equipments for making Contact Component apparatus such as digital and automotive welding stamping machine, riveting machine, welding Automaton, hi-speed stamper, stamper, coloured metallography, microscope , 3D coordinator etc. We can develop and manufacture contact component according to customers' specific requirements and the output can surpass one billion pieces annually.

Application Scope

The electrical contact components can be widely use in switches, relays, thermostats, contactors, disconnector, controllers, timers and other low-voltage apparatus.

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