Silver Nickel Point Bimetal Rivets

Silver Nickel Point Bimetal Rivets
Silver Nickel Point Bimetal Rivets


Surface material: gold, gold alloy, silver, silver nickel, silver copper, silver cadmium oxide, tin oxide, such as silver etc

Substrate: pure silver, silver alloy, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, zinc white copper, nickel, iron, stainless steel etc


Precious metal composite strip - stamping components

Based on different using requirements ,the billet materials with different properties (complex tape and base tape) are made by advanced thermal composite molecular diffusion technology,rolling to be new functional materials. Due to the composite effect and produce very useful comprehensive performance,especially the electrical properties and wear resistance than the overall precious metal (gold, silver) contact materials are significantly improved, in addition to saving precious metals, reduce product costs.

Specifications Type:

Surface material: thickness 0.01 ~ 1.0mm;

Substrate: thickness 0.1 ~ 8.0mm;

Mosaic, double-sided mosaic, full back cover, three composite, side composite, composite with stamping


Mainly used in wall switch, protector, thermostat, micro-motor brush, commutator, micro switch and other conductive components, relays, micro switches, circuit breakers, connectors, tuning And other electronic components of the production

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