Can silver alloy wire be soldered? What are the advantages?

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Silver alloy wire (Bonded silver wire), is currently the most suitable alternative to gold wire soldering consumables. In the LED package to play the role of wire connection, that is, the chip surface electrode and the bracket connected, when the on current, the current through the solder line into the chip, so that the chip light. Experts on the LED package gold wire and silver wire soldering process for analysis and comparison, that the silver wire quality and low cost, in reducing the cost of the application has great potential.

Compared with gold wire, (Bonded silver wire)has the following characteristics.

1, the price is cheap, is the same wire diameter of gold wire of about 20%, the cost of about 80% reduction.
2, conductivity and heat dissipation are good.

Ag / Fag 合金线

3, good reflectivity, no light absorption, brightness can be increased by about 10% compared with the use of gold wire.
4, When soldering with silver-plated bracket, the solderability is better.
5, No need to add nitrogen protection, just simply adjust the relevant parameters.

In the case of cost reduction without sacrificing quality, (Bonded silver wire)can completely replace the application of gold wire.

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