Electrical Relay Bullet Copper Rivet Contacts

Electrical Bullet Copper Rivet Contacts
Electrical Bullet Copper Rivet Contacts

NAME: Solid Rivet Contacts

Main Material: Silver with gold plated

Szie:Can be customized

Solid Rivet Contacts

Product Material

Main Silver Material : Copper

Certification: ISO9001, SGS,ROHS

Contact SurfaceShapes: Flat head, Round head

General Description

The conductivity of copper  only second to  silver and superior to all other metals, so it  was  used as benchmarks  for the conductive properties of the material.Not only copper  has excellent electrical conductivity, but also  high melting point (1083 ℃), good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance,  reliable for working  , long life for using , it  becomes the most widely used  conductive material.

Application Scop

The electrical contact components can be widely use in switches, relays, thermostats, contactors, disconnector,controllers, timers and other low-voltage apparatus.


Cu Content(wt.%) Density(g/cm³) ElecResistivity (µΩ·cm) Hardness HV (MPa) TensileStrength(MPa) Elongation(%)
≥99.90 8.89 ≤0.0177 ≥65 ≥295 ≥3

Product Types

Bi-metal Strips

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