Electrical Silver AgSnO2 Contact Tip Powder Metal Contacts

AgSnO2 Contact Tip
AgSnO2 Contact Tip

NAME: Silver Contact Tip

Main Material: AgcdO, AgSnO2, AgCdO/Cu, AgSnO2/Cu ETC

Can be customized

Oxidized Contacts

Product Material

Bimetal Rivets: Ag. FAg. AgNi. AgCdO. AgSnO2. AgSnO2In2O3. AgZnO. AgCu. CuNi. Cu
General Description

Bimetal contact buttons can be supplied in a large varitey of configurations and combinations of materials, The material of the working layer may be Ag, AgCdO or AgNi, Forthe side to be welded to the support material steel or Cu-Ni alloy can be used,The thickness of top working layer is within half of the top layer thickness. In the standard design the contactbuttons have 3, 5 or 7 spherical projections, Other numbers of projections and shapes of the projections,however,are also possible

Standard Dimensions

Shank Diameter(d) Head Diameter(D) Shank Length(L)
  2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 7 8  
Φ1.2                     0.6~1.5
Φ1.5                     0.8~2.0
Φ1.65                     0.8~2.0
Φ1.8                     1.0~2.5
Φ2                     1.0~2.5
Φ2.35                     1.5~3.5
Φ2.5                     1.5~3.5
Φ3                     1.5~5.0
Φ3.5                     2.0~5.0
Φ4                     2.0~5.0
Head Diameter Head Thickness Shank Length Shank Diameter Silver Layer Thickness Angle Spherical Radius
±0.10 ±0.05 ±0.15
-0.12 S≤0.4:
±0.2° ±0.2R

Application Scope

Bimetal Rivets: Ag. FAg. AgNi. AgCdO. AgSnO2. AgSnO2In2O3. AgZnO. AgCu. CuNi. CuBimetal contact buttons are used by means of the impulse welding technique.Components produced by this method are utilized,e,g,.in temerature controllers or small power relays.
Differnt series,type and sizes of products can be delivered according to customers requirements.

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