What are the metal copper stamping products?What is the difference with ordinary stamping?

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Metal Copper Stamping Component are made of copper metal materials and processed by stamping equipment. The application scope of copper products is also very common. Common electronic copper accessories, electrical copper accessories, luggage hardware, furniture hardware, door and window decoration hardware, lamps and lanterns are common in life. hardware etc.

Copper stamping products are mostly used in life decoration, and have high requirements on the appearance, accuracy and quality of the products. It is necessary to achieve the characteristics of beauty, lightness, uniformity and toughness. When purchasing suitable copper materials, the surface and product performance of the plate have an impact on the finished stamping parts. The quality requirements of the plate have a great influence. The surface of the plate should be smooth and free of cracks, no scars, no scratches, and no rust spots.


When it comes to processing equipment, the processing equipment of copper stamping is the same as that of ordinary stamping. Semi-automatic punching machine production has low efficiency. If the product needs to be processed in multiple processes, one requires multiple stamping, and the other is to increase workers. Each punch completes a process. Then move to another equipment, which not only reduces the stamping efficiency but also increases the product cost. Another processing method, it has to mention the multi-process stamping die. For products with simpler process, the multi-process stamping die It is more suitable. Although the multi-process mold is more complicated to manufacture, it is more suitable for copper stamping products, which not only ensures the product accuracy requirements, but also improves the production output value.

Speaking of copper stamping products, there is not much difference in the production process between copper stamping products and other material products.