Introduction of solid rivets and their uses

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Solid rivet: the use of its own deformation or interference connection parts riveted parts.
Solid rivets are generally made of aluminum, copper, iron, etc., and the surface treatment is white zinc plating. The use of rivets for the implementation of the connection - a rigid connection, is not removable. Small rivets can be cold riveted, while large rivets are hot riveted in the red hot state. Solid rivets can be widely used in knives, stationery books, locks, helmets, automotive hardware bags, strollers, automotive clutch plates, motorcycle parts and household appliances.

Hollow rivets: need to use riveting machine (equipment) riveting, riveting the back of the flap, fit the plane of the rivet.


The hollow rivet consists of a hollow rivet body and a rivet mandrel, the hollow rivet body consists of a shaft and a flange at the end of the shaft; the head formed on one end of the mandrel is inserted into the end of the rivet body shaft on the opposite side of the flange from the rivet body, so that the mandrel shaft is strongly stretched from the fracture of the small diameter part, so that the rivet body shaft is deformed by the expansion of the diameter, and the deformed shaft part. The deformed shaft part and the flange are used to mount the panel and other components. Hollow rivets are light in weight and have a weak head, and are used for riveting non-metallic materials with a small load.

The use of hollow rivets, hollow rivets are usually used in apparel, footwear and other industries, solid need to be riveted again, for heavy workpiece coupling, often non-removable structure, semi-hollow rivets are most widely used, bundle mouth (wire diameter tail is small) nail using rigid wire manufacturing, without pre-holes through the 0.5mm thickness of the steel plate, rivets can not be bent deformation, widely used in combination cases, suitcases and military luggage above. Hollow nails (semi-hollow rivets) are made of soft wire, generally require riveting open can not be cracked, there are many types, the current - some toys above the shaft has begun to use a large area of semi-hollow nails or mother nails instead, can significantly reduce production costs. Core rivets and core rivets are mostly used for the riveting of thin and soft materials, the general requirements are not strict, manufacturing materials are usually produced with good plasticity. Semi-hollow rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with a small load.