Silver Contact Rivet Supplier

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Company Profile

Wenzhou Saijin Electric Alloy Co., Ltd. was established on May 4, 1998. The company specializes in the production of contact rivets, contact points, contact components, electrical accessories and silver alloy wire.

Sajin use the material Cd free which meets the Eu RoHS&REACH requirement.

Saijin has obtained ISO9001:2015 which assure stable quality.

Saijin has owned strong R&D department,we were awarded with Zhejiang Province scientific and technological enterprise since 2016.

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product description

Round Head AgCdO Solid Silver Contact Rivet

Silver Contact Rivet Supplier_Silver Contact Rivet

Product Material


General Description

AgCdO contacts belong to the group of the most widely used ones on the field of low voltage electric apparatus.They combine a satisfactory resistance against contact welding with a good arc erosion resistance and a fairly low contact resistance over its complete service life.They are produced with two different techniques,atomizing-sintering-However,Cd and CdO are considered to be hazardous to health and the environment,For this reason the use of AgCdO materials will be banned in a number of countries

Application Scope

Mainly used in almost every type of low voltage switching devices,They are typically used in microswitches,relays,light switches,contactors,switches for household appliances,some types of protective switches,as well as in certain types of circuit breakers.


Electrical Silver AgZnO/Cu Bimetal Contact Rivets

Silver Contact Rivet Supplier_Bimetal Contact Rivets

Product Material

AgZnO/Cu Bimetal Rivets  


Head  Head  Shank  Shank  Silver Layer    Angle Spherical 
Diameter Thickness Length Diameter Thickness     Radius
±0.10 ±0.05 ±0.15 -0.02 S≤0.4: 0.04 ±0.2° ±0.2R
    0 -0.1   0    
        S>0.4:  0    

Application Scope

Automobile electricalequipments, Household appliances, Relays, Contactors, Temperature controllers, Timers and other electrical appliances.