AgNi Solid Contact Rivets Supplier

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Company Profile

Wenzhou Saijin Electric Alloy Co., Ltd. was established on May 4, 1998. The company specializes in the production of contact rivets, contact points, contact components, electrical accessories and silver alloy wire.

Sajin use the material Cd free which meets the Eu RoHS&REACH requirement.

Saijin has obtained ISO9001:2015 which assure stable quality.

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product description

AgNi Solid Contact Rivets

 AgNi Solid Contact Rivets Supplier_ AgNi Solid Contact Rivets

Product Material


General Description

AgNi materials have higher resistance to arc erosion and contact welding than Ag or FAg.Both Properties are improved withincreasing Ni content. All AgNi materials show good workability and are easy to weld to contact supports. Low tendency towards material transfer in DC applications AgNi materials are environment-protective materials.

Application Scope

AgNi contact materials find a wide range of application in Low voltge switching devies. They are used in power relays,small contactors,light switches,temperature controllers etc,as well as in protective switches (in the latter case they are used in asymmetric contact pairs, for instance,against AgC or AgZnO materials).

Material Properties

Tips AgNi10 AgNi20 AgNi30 AgNi-T AgNi30 AgNi40
Ni Content(wt.%) 10±1 20±1 30±1 12±1 30±1 40±1
Density(g/cm³) ≥10.20 ≥10.10 ≥10.00 ≥10.20 ≥9.70 ≥9.50
Elec.Resistivity(µΩ•cm) ≤2.10 ≤2.30 ≤2.50 ≤2.50 ≤2.70 ≤3.40
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥500 ≥550 ≥600 ≥600 ≥750 ≥800
Manufacturing process Sintering-Extrusion     Mixing-Compacting-Sintering    


Wires AgNi10 AgNi15 AgNi20 AgNi-T
Ni Content(Wt.%) 10±1 15±1 20±1 12±1
Density(g/cm³) ≥10.25 ≥10.15 ≥10.05 ≥10.20
Elec.Resistivity(µΩ•cm) ≤1.95 ≤2.05 ≤2.15 ≤2.05
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥800 ≥800 ≥850 ≥850
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 240-350 250-360 260-380 260-380
Elongation(%) 43697 43636 43603 43603
Manufacturing process Sintering-Extrusion      


Electrical Silver FAg/Cu Bimetal Contact Rivets

 AgNi Solid Contact Rivets Supplier_Bimetal Contact Rivets

Product Material

FAg/Cu Bimetal Rivets


Head  Head  Shank  Shank  Silver Layer    Angle Spherical 
Diameter Thickness Length Diameter Thickness     Radius
±0.10 ±0.05 ±0.15 -0.02 S≤0.4: 0.04 ±0.2° ±0.2R
    0 -0.1   0    
        S>0.4:  0    

Application Scope

Automobile electricalequipments, Household appliances, Relays, Contactors, Temperature controllers, Timers and other electrical appliances.