AgZnO Silver Alloy Wires

AgZnO Alloy Wires
AgZnO Alloy Wires

NAME: AgZnO Wire

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Product Material


General Description

A high resistance against contact welding characterizes AgZnO materials.They also show a good resistance against arcerosion.Contact resistance of AgZnO tends to be higher than that of AgCdO.AgZnO can be produced by means of Atomizing-sintering-extrusion, mixing-compacting-sintering techniques as well as by internal oxidation. AgZnO materials are environment-protective materials.

Application Scope

Mainly used in circuit breakers,especially in universal circuit breakers.Other fields of application are motor protective switches,residual current circuit breakers and AC relays.


AgZnO(ASE) 200X纵截面, AgZnO(I.O) 200X,AgZnO(MCS)

Material Properties

Tips AgZnO (ASE) gZnO (I.O) AgZnO (MCS)
ZnO Content (wt.%) 8±1 10±1 8±1 10±1 8±1 10±1
Density (g/cm3) ≥9.65 ≥9.50 ≥9.70 ≥9.55 ≥9.50 ≥9.40
Elec.Resistivity (μΩ · cm) ≤2.30 ≤2.50 ≤3.40 ≤3.50 ≤2.60 ≤2.70
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥750 ≥800 ≥690 ≥740 ≥600 ≥650
Manufacturing process Atomizing-Sintering-Extrusion lnternal Oxidation Mixing-Compcting-Sintering
Wires AgZnO (ASE)
ZnO Content (Wt.%) 8±1 10±1
Density (g/cm3) ≥9.65 ≥9.60
Elec.Resistivity (μΩ · cm) ≤2.25 ≤2.35
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥850 ≥850
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 285~350 285~350
Elongation (%) 15-25 12-20
Manufacturing process Atomizing-Sintering-Extrusion

Product Types

  AgZnO (AES) AgZnO (I.O) AgZnO (MCS)
ZnO Content (Wt.%) 8±1 10±1 8±1 10±1 8±1 10±1
Bimetal strips        


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