AgSnO2 Alloy Wires

AgSnO2 Alloy Wires
AgSnO2 Alloy Wires

NAME: AgSnO2 Wire

Can be customized


Product Material


General Description

AgSnO 2 and AgSnO 2In 2O 3 show high arc erosion resistance and a good resistance against contact welding. By introducing certain additives,the AgSnO 2 materials,produced by the powder metallurgy technique(sintering and extrusion) can be modified in such a manner that contact resistance and over temperature behavior can be maintained low and stable over service life. Material transfer in DC operation is low. Contact materials of the  AgSnO2 and AgSnO2In2O3 type are non-toxic and friendly to the environment.

Application Scope

Widely used in various kinds of contactors、relays、circuit breakers and switches, and so on.


AGSnO 2(ASE) 200X,AgSnO 2In 2O 3 200X

Material Properties

  AgSnO2(ASE)  AgSnO2In203
SnO2 Content(wt.%) 8±1 10±1 12±1 6+ln 2O3(4) 8+ln 2O3(4) 9+ln 2O3(4)
Density (g/cm3) ≥10.00 ≥9.90 ≥9.80 ≥9.80 ≥9.75 ≥9.75
Elec.Resisivity(μΩ · cm) ≤2.30 ≤2.40 ≤2.50 ≤3.30 ≤3.40 ≤3.50
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥700 ≥700 ≥750 ≥720 ≥760 ≥780
Manufacturing process Atomizing-Sintering-Extrusion Internal Oxidation

Material Properties

  • process1:Atomizing-Sintering-Extrusion(ASE)
  • Microstructure


AgSnO 2T(10)ASE 200X,AgSnO 2(6)In 203(4)ASE 200X, AgSnO 2(8)In 203(4)ASE 200X,AgSnO2(12)ASE 200X

Material Properties

  • Process 2:Internal Oxidation(I.O)
  • Microstructure

AgCuOT(10)ASE 200X,AgCuOT(15)ASE 200X 

Material Properties

  AgSnO 2T (10) I.O AgSnO 2T(12) I.O
Sno 2 Content (wt.%) 10±1 12±1
Density (g/cm3) ≥9.96 ≥9.91
Elec.Resistivity(μΩ · cm) ≤2.30 ≤2.35
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥950 ≥900
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 305-360 305-345
Elongation (%) 18-30 18-30

Material Properties

  • Process 3: Chemical coating-Sintering-Extrusion(CSE)
  • Microstructure

AgSnO 2T(10)CSE 200X,AgSnO 2(12)CSE 200X,AgSnO 2T(15)CSE 200X

Material Properties

  AgSnO 2 (10) CSE AgSnO 2T (12) CSE AgSnO 2T (15) CSE
SnO2 Content(wt.%) 10±1 12±1 15±1
Density (g/cm³) ≥9.90 ≥9.85 ≥9.65
Elec.Resistivity(µΩ·cm) ≤2.20 ≤2.30 ≤2.55
Hardness HV (Mpa) ≥800 ≥800 ≥950
Tensile Strength(Mpa) 230-285 230-285 250-300
Elongation(%) 18-30 18-30 18-30


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