AgCe0.5 Alloy Wires

AgCe0.5 Alloy Wires
AgCe0.5 Alloy Wires

Peoduct Material


General Description

Low and stable contact resistance .Excellent anti-wdlding property,besides keeping the good properties of pure Ag .With certain arc-extinguishing and anti-oxidation properties.Good behaviour under DC loads.Toads,Tests proving;it can be used in the current of 190A under DC70 volts without welding.

Application Scope

Excellent contact materials,suitable for various medium&small power relays,contactors,generator regulators,switches.

Material Properties







Melting Point(℃)









Hardness HV (mpa)



Product Types

Φ0.2~Φ4.0wires、solid rivets、bimetal rivets、tips、bimetal tips.

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