Small switch rivet silver contacts selection

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1、Current load:

Silver contacts have good electrical properties and have the advantages of high conductivity, low temperature rise, low contact resistance, etc., and are suitable for occasions carrying high current loads.


2、Service life:

The metal surface of the silver contacts is smooth and not easily oxidized, so it has a long service life. However, under heavy loads and frequent switching, the silver contacts may sinter and wear, reducing their service life.


3、Environmental conditions:

Silver contacts are sensitive to environmental conditions. For example, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and other gases in the air that easily form sulfides or chlorides will cause chemical reactions on the surface of the silver contacts, leading to contact oxidation, corrosion, Failure and other issues. Therefore, under harsh environmental conditions, it is necessary to choose anti-oxidation and corrosion-resistant materials.


4、Application occasions:

Different occasions have different requirements for rivet silver contacts of small switches. For example, for applications that require high sensitivity and precision, you need to choose extremely low contact resistance and zero drift; for applications that require high reliability, you need to choose high-quality materials and precision processing techniques.

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