Applications of metal stamping parts

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Stamping metal parts is a very common item, Below are some industry products you can refer to industry

Metal stamping in stamping workshops is commonly used in the following industries:

Use machines to process animal and aquatic food. Crushing knives, breaking hammers, particle knives, filters, fuel drying nets, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, generator cooling, mechanical protection nets, machinery manufacturing accessories, meshes for machining machines, mechanical equipment, working floors (non-slip) , Mesh protection for supermarket shelves.

European Electrical Wall Socket 220V Outlet Copper Stamping Parts agriculture

It is not only used in industry, but the technology creates products that meet the needs of use in the agricultural sector, the specific products are as follows: production sieves, for coffee, pepper, corn, grinding, milling, rice, bran, coffee, tapioca (wheat flour), monosodium glutamate , Fences in farms, ranches or aquaculture facilities, Screens for drying systems.

3.For indoor and outdoor decoration

The field of interior and exterior decoration is no exception. Stamping products help to decorate interior items and create beautiful and high-quality products: tables and chairs, signs, gates, railings, etc. , cabinets, shelves, counters, partitions, stairs

4.On technical equipment

Sound filters, air conditioning, ventilation, mesh for oil pipes, with noise reduction, air filters, punching, thanks to modern technology and machinery, the products created are highly appreciated for their beauty and quality

Electrical Brass Block With Stamping Parts For Switches

The applications of stamping products in construction are as follows:

Screening stones, construction sand, metal ceiling grids, ventilation nets, sound insulation nets, thermal insulation, walls of industrial parks, export processing zones, factories; anti-skid floors, high corridors, guardrails, anti-skid plates to reduce slippage in construction, road works Down, stairs steps.

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