Precious Metal Composite Strip-Stamping Parts

Our Precious Metal Composite Strip-Stamping Parts are high-end electronic components made from precious metal composite strip materials. These parts combine the excellent electrical conductivity of precious metals with the properties of other materials to provide excellent electrical conductivity, low resistance and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for a variety of electronic devices and applications. Whether you require a custom material combination, shape or size, we can provide the best solution for your needs.
Customized services

SAIJIN is involved in downstream product manufacturing, so we understand the needs of these products, which enhances our professionalism. We support OEM and ODM and can provide a full range of special customization services for products to ensure that customers receive the most satisfactory products

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Quality inspection

Our company has a complete quality inspection process. Through strict quality inspection of products, we improve the reliability and safety of products to meet the various needs of the market and customers and win the trust of customers.

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Technology R & D:

SAIJIN has its own R&D team to launch products that meet market demand in a timely manner and can provide customized solutions according to customers' specific requirements.

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